Monday, September 14, 2015

TuesD&D Recap I: First session thoughts

So I joined a D&D 5e campaign on Tuesdays, we'll see if it lasts. The DM is running Princes of the Apocalypse, which makes it difficult for me because I have to not read the book I have. Oh well. Here's his mistakes thus far.

First mistake: I am chaotic neutral apparently. Despite my thoughts that maybe I'd be Lawful Evil at the beginning and transition to something more good. He basically told me my character is chaotic neutral. My character is a warlock, former pirate captain who was captured by Blunanda, Kelp Queen of the Sargasso sea. She forces me to do her bidding because she's got my lover captured in her shipwreck castle, and it pleases her to watch the evil pirate do good. Also I've been replaced by some changeling fetch, so there's still a Captain Glafiro sailing the sword coast and causing trouble. I'm playing the character as an evil dick who's being forced into do-goodery and is suspicious that the Kelp Queen is watching over his shoulder constantly. And I'm arbitrarily Chaotic Neutral.

Second mistake: He's enthusiastic, but probably hasn't played this new edition much. The first encounter he gave us an NPC light cleric of St. Cuthbert (we're in the forgotten realms, that's a greyhawk deity). So that seems wrong to me, not just the mixing of D&D worlds (which isn't a huge deal) but also feeling like we need a healer NPC. Ick. And he's somehow a NPC with the healer feat at first level. Double ick for us not needing to worry about healing ever apparently.

Third mistake: My crazy wizard eyes didn't see the zombie coming. He gave us a level up midway through the first session, so I obviously take the detect magic at-will warlock invocation. I'm actively detecting magic when we investigate this body lying on the ground, nothing. No faint aura of necromancy, just flat out nothing. 5e is a game with a lot of silly little absolutes, so I was a little miffed at this.

Anyway, I'm picking on the dude but the rest was actually pretty good. I hope he can keep all the NPCs and locations clear and distinct, cause this might be a fun little sandbox for the Captain to explore.


  1. Having gotten your character pitch from you explaining how Blunanda was forcing you to be good when Glafiro had been evil, I'm pretty disappointed that his alignment was changed to "Chaotic Neutral" which is my hated of alignments.

    Mixing up D&D worlds seems like an easy mistake if you're just trying to remember a healing deity off the top of your head, but I have to agree on the Healing NPC because healing is overrated and it's pretty easy to adjust encounters a little and provide a few extra potions or something.

    Of the three, the one I get more and more as I think about it is the zombie not glowing in detect magic. I get being a DM and wanted to have a surprise encounter with a zombie so not thinking things through to the Detect Magic spell detecting Necromancy on the zombie because it would ruin the surprise is understandable, though still annoying. But I can empathize most with that one, as that is often my struggle, of letting the ideas I like be easily conquered by players in ways I don't expect.

    1. Yeah, I think the lack of zombies glowing under detect magic was one of my bigger beefs there too. Like: why did I take it if that's not the benefit?