Saturday, September 19, 2015

Good techniques: Background Info

Since I've had a few days of boring meetings, I've been thinking about some of the good that I've experienced recently and hope to bring to my own game. The first one is hooks and background info.

New DM used some little faction-based hooks for Princes of the Apocalypse, so that each PC has a few ideas of what's going on. Now he did it in a kinda odd cut-and-paste style where we have no idea who Windharrow is or why we're after them, but meh. The idea is good. So I'm hoping to give out a few specific ideas to specific characters, both in terms of background info and possible leads. Also, giving people stuff pre-written-down might help alleviate a few issues of player record keeping. The PCs in Al-Qadim SundAD&D (Ruined Kingdoms Church) are going to be a bit more selfish than in New DM's TuesD&D game, so it'll be nice to give out some good info to different PCs without everyone else knowing.

Hopefully my cut-and-paste jobs won't be too much of an info dump for PCs, but I think it'll be a little helpful to give the PCs some knowledge (slightly redacted) of what I'm working with. The only problem I've got so far is how much info to give people, but I think I can just be cautious to start and add to each PC's document over time as needed.

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