Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dreams torn? Online AD&D 2nd Edition

So after all kinds of thinking how I might modify this or that for my dream 2nd edition game, I booted up Roll20 last night to see if they have a 2nd edition character sheet.

Obviously they do, but some options all of a sudden seem better or worse than others.

Stone for Encumbrance, for example, is designed to math things out easily. But that seems less necessary when your character sheet will automatically tally up your weight and tell you what your encumbrance is.

Also Spell Points and Alternative Magic Systems. If your character sheet isn't designed to track how many spell points you actually have left from channelling (or your fatigue levels), that seems like a waste of the online resource.

Now, it does look like its possible to go through all the trouble of paying for Roll20 (not a big deal probably) to modify character sheets to include all this stuff, but its an extra layer of nonsense that might be required.

On the plus side, because the system is doing a lot of the math for you, THAC0 seems pretty easy.

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