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Al-Qadim: Elemental Provinces

Just a little proof of concept for adapting elemental provinces to a 5e Al-Qadim game. The Elemental Evil spells combined with Book of Lost Spells has added a good number of options to the game. Enough, I think, where one could easily start playing at low levels.

I obviously pillaged spells from all over the Player's Handbook. There's a few levels in which a given province doesn't have a spell, which is a slight problem. These could be filled in, however. There's also possibly a controversial assignment or two (Mage armor and sleep being only available in the Sand province). I also don't like ice magic as sea spells, but I left a couple in from the PHB as they flesh the sea province out a bit more. I'm tempted to consider lightening as flame spells, but that gives a whole lot to the Brotherhood of True Flame. If you give those all to wind though, you end up with wind sorcerers using primarily lightening spells to attack instead of the thematic windy spells...

I'm keen on exploring a few broader or thematic application of the elemental provinces as well. For example, Air is the element associated with thought, so detect thoughts and telepathy could fill out that list, as well as invisibility which seems to fit the wind province more than others. Water might get intuitive and emotional spells. Sand could get some other defensive spells along with things like hold person as earth is the element of rigid stability. Flame might get aggressive, inspiring, and charming spells. That sort of thing. Some provinces might share spells, such as the hold spells being shared by sand and wind, or charm being shared by flame and water.

Spells marked with a * are Elemental Evil and I'd say commonly available. Spells marked † are Book of Lost Spells and the DM might provide those as treasure rather than just including all of them on a big list (other than the cantrips, I'd make those freely available to choose). I'm mostly going off of spell names for Book of Lost Spells entries. There's probably a few I missed and a couple that'd be best left off these lists. Also I wasn't sure what to do with a few spells which might be of two provinces (e.g. Air Forge† as wind and flame or Steam Bolt† as sea and flame, etc.), so I just made an arbitrary decision. I could see them as only being available to "sorcereres" who specialize in two provinces, or just dual-listing some as I've done below.

In terms of classes, I imagine giving each "arcane" class (Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard) access to one province. Wizards might have a tradition that gives them access to a second province. Arcane Tricksters and Eldritch Knights choose spells from one province instead of their usual school restrictions (this might lead to lots of sand eldritch knights and sea/wind arcane tricksters). This basically means a new spell list for most every class, as I'd try to remove most of the elemental spells from everyone (even Clerics/Paladins/Rangers maybe).

Lists after the break:


Dancing Lights
Fire Bolt
Produce Flame
Control flames*
Create bonfire*
Alter Normal Fires†
Shield Open Flame†

Level 1
Burning Hands
Faerie Fire
Fiery Cloth†
Fire Burst†
Fiery Grasp†
Flaming Bolts†
Signal Flare†

Level 2
Continual Flame
Flame Blade
Flaming Sphere
Heat Metal
Scorching Ray
Aganazzar's scorcher*
Air Forge†
Augment Flames†
Fiery Shield†
Flame of Chaos†
Molten Strike†

Level 3
Flame arrows*
Melf's minute meteors*
Blinding Ash†
Blinding Flare†
Fire Gills†
Heat Flesh†

Level 4
Fire Shield
Wall of Fire
Fiery Blast†
Fire Fascination†
Flame Spiral†
Flames of Darkness†
Flames of Purification†
Searing Projectiles†

Level 5
Heat Bone†
Mark of Fire†

Level 6
Investiture of flame*
Fiery Constrictor†
Solar Fury†

Level 7
Delayed Blast Fireball
Fire Storm
Magma Eruption†
Scorching Air†
Searing Flash†
Shield of Crackling Fire†

Level 8
Incendiary Cloud
Chariot of Fire†

Level 9
Meteor Swarm
Curtain of Fire†
Ravaging Fire†


Blade Ward
Mold earth*

Level 1
Mage Armor
Earth tremor*
Earthen Blast†
Fists of Stone†
Rock Bolt†

Level 2
Maximilian's earthen grasp*
Earth Ear†

Level 3
Meld into Stone
Erupting earth*
Wall of sand*
Detect Land†
Sand Blast†
Undulating Earth†

Level 4
Stone Shape
Iron Rope†
Transform Boulder to Pebble†
Transform Pebble to Boulder†

Level 5
Wall of Stone
Transmute rock*
Earth Shift†
Earthen Snare†

Level 6
Move Earth
Bones of the earth*
Investiture of stone*
One with the Earth†

Level 7
Assault of Stone†

Level 8

Level 9 - None


Shape water*

Level 1
Create or Destroy Water
Locate Water†

Level 2

Level 3
Water Breathing
Water Walk
Tidal Wave*
Wall of water*
Hard Water Bast†
Steam Bolt†
Wall of Water†
Water Double†

Level 4
Control Water
Ice Storm
Watery sphere*
Fluid Form†
Hard Water Weapon†
Scalding Sea†
Steam Cloud†

Level 5
Cone of Cold

Level 6
Corrupt Water†
Watery Blood†

Level 7
Otiluke's Freezing Sphere
Wall of Ice
Ebon Water†

Level 8
Abi-Dalzim's horrid wilting*
Raise Shipwreck†

Level 9 - None


Mage Hand

Level 1
Feather Fall
Affect Normal Fog†
Feather Step†
Lasting Breath†
Wind Speak†
With the Wind†

Level 2
Cloud of Daggers
Gust of Wind
Dust devil*
Warding wind*
Air Forge†

Level 3
Gaseous Form
Stinking Cloud
Wind Wall
Air Breathing†
Air Bridge†
Whisper Wind†

Level 4
Air Sphere†

Level 5
Conjure Elemental
Control winds*
Billow the Sails†
Foggy Flying Carpet†

Level 6
Wind Walk
Investiture of wind*
Cold Fog†

Level 7
Scorching Air†

Level 8
Control Weather

Level 9
Storm of Vengeance

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