Sunday, April 8, 2012

Where is the Tower of Infinite Evil?

The actual Tower of Infinite Evil was a AD&D campaign from my golden age. It was a sandboxy megadungeon setting that my friend Zack and I ran. There was no real setting beyond the Tower, so I can't even say which campaign world it was on. I think we played the Tower during our later middle school years, but I'm not sure of the exact time. Nonetheless, it had all the awesome properties a couple of teenage dudes could imagine.

The tower had some grand history that I've long since forgotten. The important thing was that it had a lot of different levels (infinite levels, presumably) and we each got to create a few characters so we could play whatever we wanted in the tower. I think I ran the ground floor and everything above that, Zack took everything downwards.

Like all my games back in that age, I don't think the Tower lasted too long. Probably just 5 adventures or so. My levels were carefully crafted dungeon crawls with places to take over and set up base/shop. Zack took the tower to be more like Yggdrasil from Planescape and each level was a different plane (or its own demiplane?). In the end, his idea might have been more exciting than mine.

The tower has probably been long since forgotten by the people who first ventured into it, but its still a relatively iconic memory of my own golden age. Alongside the priest I made once using the Skills and Powers rules who's main class feature was unlimited Solipsism spells. Pretty brokawesome when you can just think anything into existence that you need when you need it, even if no one else can ride your imaginary giant butterfly.

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